Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals Aren’t Invincible (though we treat them like they are!)

Food scraps and waste are an easy slide through for most Cypress, Magnolia, The Woodlands and Greater Houston homeowners garbage disposals. We at Tucker Plumbing realize garbage disposals fulfill a unique need and one of pure convenience when taking care of dishes. Food waste that would typically be thrown away in the garbage now gets broken down by that handy garbage disposal and onward out of site and out of mind – or is it?

Despite the popularity and ease of use of the garbage disposal, many Greater Houston homeowners aren’t using their disposals correctly. Putting in too much food or food that can be of harm the inner workings of the garbage disposal can present a big danger.

Here’s a few of the top Don’ts to put in the Garbage Disposal:

Grease – yes even that Grease from the Bacon:

While hot grease is liquid, as soon as it cools, it will clog not only your disposal but also your plumbing. Additionally, grease may make the blades less efficient since the sharp edges will have a waxy coat on them from the grease.


Potatoes & Starches – yes those Pasta Noodles from Spaghetti Night:

Peeling potatoes into the sink might sound easier than collecting the peels, but they will gunk up the garbage disposal by peels sticking to the blades. Additionally any food that expands as it cooks will wreak havoc, such as rice and pasta. A convenient solution would be to use a strainer to catch all those pesky scraps to save you from calling a Master Plumber.

 Coffee Grounds:

While a few specks of coffee grounds from your morning cup of Joe may not cause a problem, a spoonful or more of ground coffee can block your disposal over time. Garbage disposal blades can grind up large pieces of food and debris, but coffee grounds are too fine and will eventually clog up your pipes.


 Seeds/Pits from Fruit or Vegetables:

It’s tempting to toss a few apple and other fruit seeds into the garbage disposal along with other miscellaneous fruit bits, but seeds and pits are hard enough to bend and dull sharp disposal blades. Avoid damaging your garbage disposal system by keeping pitted and seeded fruit or vegetables away.

 Raw Meat & Bones:

Bits of meat can clog up your drain and cause things to back up as well as dull your garbage disposal blades over time. Bones too aren’t welcome down the drain or in the garbage disposal as they are too rough for disposal blades to breakdown.


 Leafy or Stringy Greens:

Vegetables like celery that have “strings” or fibers only end up around the garbage disposal blades. Other common vegetables that can do just as much harm include asparagus, lettuce, and artichokes – all of which shut down your garbage disposal. Even leafy greens like spinach, cilantro and other lettuce or herbs can wrap around the garbage disposal blades.

Garbage Disposal Repairs & Installation

Difficulty with you garbage disposal? You’ve come to the right place – Tucker Plumbing offers repairs from a Certified Master Plumber to get your garbage disposal back and operating in no time.

There are a few of reasons why your garbage disposal might not be working. Here’s some signs to clue you in and indicate you garbage disposal may need to the attention from a Master Plumber:

  • Your garbage disposal won’t turn on when you flip the switch
  • There is a bad odor or your garbage disposal is malfunctioning

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what the problem, it can be dangerous to stick your hands down into your garbage disposal due to all the blades and component that make up the garbage disposal.

If you are looking to install a new garbage disposal, Tucker Plumbing’s set of Certified Master Plumbers are here to assist. It doesn’t matter whether you have already bought a new garbage disposal or need one of our Master Plumbers to find you the best one to suit your kitchen and needs, we have you covered.

All of our garbage disposal repair plumbers know what to do when your unit has broken down or what is needed to install a new one. Give us a call today and we’ll have your plumbing services up as good as new!