A clogged drain sounds like a simple repair  that any novice homeowner could add a liquid drain cleaner to and voila your drain is back and working properly again, but were you aware that a clogged drain could cause significant plumbing damage to your home and could lead to expensive emergency repairs and replacements?  Having a clogged shower, a bathtub that doesn’t drain, or sink holding water instead of draining can be inconvenient no matter the situation. Let our Master Plumbers at Tucker Plumbing take care of your clogged drain in The Woodlands, Cypress, Magnolia and the Greater Houston area.

Signs of Clogged Drain

 Slower Water Drain Time in Shower, Sink, and/or Bathtubs

 Unique Smell / Odor arising from any Sink, Shower, or Bathtub

 Water Level is Rising instead of Receding from a Sink / Overflowing Water

 Weird Slimy/Sludge-Like Debris leaving Residue in your Shower, Sink, and/or Bathtub


If you have any of the above signs of a Clogged Drain, call a one of our Master Plumbers at Tucker Plumber to prevent possible damage to floors, walls, ceilings or personal belongings.


Drain Cleaning and Emergency Repair Services

Our Master Plumbers walk you through the assessed damages and repair method before work begins so you fully understand scope of the problem.

Our team of Certified Master Plumbers don’t just make short-term fixes, but rather they repair home and commercial drains so that you enjoy a long-lasting solution.

As a steady reminder careful about what you are putting down these drains. An excess amount of hair, chemicals, and other foreign objects could cause drains to clog.